My name is Mat Przegietka.
I`m a Warsaw based web & interface designer.

I create digital products for people and brands. This site
is a showcase of my design and development work
for desktop and mobile devices.
I`m available for freelance work.


responsive html/css template


responsive html/css template


responsive html/css template


student social site design


marketplace website design


brand & website design


various branding projects

Other projects

2012 & 2013

About Me


I focus on delivering innovative digital products with top usability and meaningful experience.

As freelance web and UI designer, I have been creating digital products connecting modern design, technology & digital storytelling. I think technology, usability and interaction are the key to achive meaningful experience. I belive in "how it feels" is as important as "how it looks".

Professionally it`s been an interesting journey to get here. It has involved dozens of personal projects, hundreds of clients websites & countless hours spent developing various design skills, which are mostly web oriented. Everything combined, with the eagerness to learn new / more things and improve myself, have made me the person I'm today.

PSD Chest
As one of my personal projects I founded PSD Chest. Purpose: share some of resources I`ve created to make the web more attractive place. Be sure to check it out.

Selected Clients
CreateIT, Polsat, Crowley, Acxiom, Universitet van Amsterdam, QDO Ventures, Scopeq, Academio and others…

You can find me here as well:
Dribbble / Behance / Twitter / Facebook

I`m available for freelance work. Get in touch with me.